How to create the perfect character for your children's book

by Leanne Lim on - 1 Comment

Creating the perfect character for your children's book seems deceptively simple. Learn how to craft one here, including learning what makes a great character, and understanding how to...

How to talk to your children about death

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How do you explain death to children? How should you answer your children's questions about death? Learn more about how to best explain this sensitive topic in a...

What is childhood anxiety?

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What is childhood anxiety? And how do you help a child that has it? Learn all about anxiety in children, what causes it and what parents and carers...

An FAQ on the Ethicool Books business

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We’re doing things a little differently here at Ethicool and there are quite a few reasons why. Now, at the six-month mark of our journey, we thought it...

How to teach your child to be an eco-warrior

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How do you teach your little one to become an eco-warrior? Here are five important steps you should take, told through the incredible story of young Harper, the...

How to create a winning children's book plot

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Creating a plot for your children's picture story book may sound easy, but it can be more complex than you think. Here is a comprehensive guide on how...

Can we really unite to change the world? These kids think so.

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With the global pandemic wreaking havoc on our economies, big elections looming and the world generally feeling a little gloomy, it’s easy to forget the profound impact our...

Creating a magical world through illustration

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She’s the creator of the most enchanting undersea environment you’ll ever see, and she's as intriguing as she is talented. When Lily Uivel’s portfolio landed in our inbox, we...

How to birth a baby and a children's book, all in the same year!

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Getting published as a first-time author is challenging enough. But how about getting published as a first-time author, and in the same year, having your first baby?

How to make a living as a children's book illustrator

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We've written a lot about making a living as an author. But what about making a living as an illustrator? Read on, then, and learn about prolific children's...