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Welcome, little friends, let's read to the end – it’s pictures and words and love we’ll send. People and places and worlds so new, and stories, adventures and learnings true!

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A tale of friendship with a powerful message

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Ethicool's heartwarming children’s books continue to receive nothing but ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews from passionate little readers the world over. Our picture books delicately weave together gorgeous stories, captivating illustrations, and life-changing messages in a way that wins over hearts and minds like no other. You can read more of wonderful children’s book reviews HERE.


"Just love, LOVE, loved this little story!"

Reader, Elloise, on My Rainforest Classroom.


"I just love this book - it’s shares wonderful messages of nature and caring for our planet."

Reader, Corina Grey, on Remembering Mother Nature. 


"The illustrations and story are so beautiful. I loved reading this to my nearly 4 year old daughter who has been so curious about Mother Nature and now has a book to continue that curiosity. Love it."

Reader, Amy McLuckie, on Remembering Mother Nature.


"This beautifully illustrated and written book is the perfect accompaniment for every childs' bedtime story. The message is loud and clear... let's teach our children they can make a difference. My 3 year old daughter loves it and i equally enjoy reading it to her."

Reader, Lyndall Ward, on Remembering Mother Nature.

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