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"Remembering Mother Nature is one of a handful of children’s books whose title will be remain famous for decades."

--BOOK RIOT on the best ever children's books about the enviroment

A children's book about the Environment

Remembering Mother Nature

Meet Mother Nature

A children's environmental adventure book

My Rainforest Classroom

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Environmental books for Mother Nature's children

Is there anything more beautiful than our precious environment? Vivacious in its liveliness and colour, rich in its plants and animals; there are few things more wonderful than watching our children become wilfully lost in the environment.

Children’s books about the environment are the hallmark of every little one’s library, and at Ethicool Books, we’re proud to showcase some of the most gorgeous environmental picture books ever sold.

Stuart French's highly-acclaimed, Remembering Mother Nature and My Rainforest Classroom are the hallmark children's book of the eco-conscious era. Initially sold out within just six hours, Remembering Mother Nature's gorgeously-flowing and poetic prose is adorned by the earthy and vivid illustrations of the one and only, Alvin Mulyono.

All Ethicool’s children’s books is proudly printed and distributed using sustainable practices and plant-based inks. 

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"Alvin Mulyono’s illustrations have a depth to them that entices the reader into the pages further—the artwork radiates in all the right places."


Ethicool’s children’s books are hallmarked by the way they seamlessly weave critical environmental themes into warm, engaging, and beautiful narratives, that children will adore for years to come.

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