The best ever children's bedtime stories

Kids' bedtime books

The dreamiest stories for the world's most beautiful children

"Come, little ones, and read with me; it's in the wildest corners of the world we'll be, or sailing through the wide blue sea, chasing our dreams and feeling free..."

--ETHICOOL BOOKS, for bedtime stories that make dreams come true

Home of gorgeous bedtime stories

There is surely nothing more beautiful than watching your little one gently doze off as you reach the final page of their favourite bedtime storybook. Seeing our children relaxed and at peace is the most heart-warming emotion we can all feel as parents. It’s one of those things you just cannot fully appreciate until you’ve felt it firsthand. It’s this feeling that Ethicool Books creates every single evening, for thousands of gorgeous children all over the world.

Our children's books are achingly beautiful, captivatingly illustrated, and crafted by the planet’s most passionate and talented picture book authors.

Learn about the friendship of your dreams

Get a warm hug at bedtime!

Read Tom's Tears

Explore the world from your bedroom - literally!

A bedtime adventure story

My rainforest classroom

Dreaming about Ethicool Books?

Let us tell you OUR story, then! 

Ethicool Books was born in 2020 and the world's little readers quickly took notice. A children's book publisher unlike any other, we're an ongoing source of inspiration for gorgeous young readers the world over. And they tell us our books are a dream come true. Taking pride of place on thousands of bookshelves and receiving rave reviews from our passionate readers across the globe, it's been a heartwarming welcome to the world. 

Follow us to see where the journey goes next!


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