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At Ethicool Books, we were born to be adventurous, and we want to encourage the next generation to be much the same! We write some of the most gorgeous, captivating and inspirational children's books you'll EVER find. Empowering the leaders of the future with an appreciation for the natural wonders of the world is our absolute passion, and our kids' books have sold thousands of copies to like-minded parents the world over. We want children to GET OUTSIDE, engage with the curiosities of nature, and become willfully lost in this miraculous planet we're lucky enough to call home. 

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Mother Nature

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It’s just so important for littlies to spend time outside, exploring the weird and wonderful corners of the world. All too often, our children are spending time inside, glued to screens and missing out on the adventurous lifestyles of the generations that came before them. At Ethicool Books, we want to re-centre the spirit of adventure in children’s minds, and to inspire them to explore, to learn, and to appreciate everything nature has to offer. Our kids’ books about adventure are crafted by award-winning authors and receive nothing but glowing ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ praise from readers. It’s time to reignite your little one’s penchant for adventure and we’ve got the picture books to do it!

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