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Little readers' reviews

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Wonderful reading

I bought this for my 3 1/2 year old to create an interest in our world, he loves the beautiful artwork and story. Highly recommend this to grandparents and parents

Feeling Hopeful
Ashleigh Herbert

Beautifully written and illustrated!

What a gorgeous book.

Really sweet story, beautifully written & the illustrations are delightful.
Excellent delivery from ethicoolbooks

Beautiful Book

Absolutely beautiful book with suck a meaningful story. Such a beautiful brand.

Where do butterflies go at night

It was a Xmas gift for my grandchildren they loved it:

Heart Warming

Has been my 2-year-old daughter favorite book for the past year. Every child should learn more about how to protect and look after our world and wildlife.

The Magical Book Set
Kerry Bedwany
But Why?

Absolutely beautiful … storyline, message and artwork ❤️

How Love is Made
Gina Wilson
Absolutely beautiful

I loved this book as soon as I opened the first page. The illustrations are just so lovely in a way that children would find them simple and so colourful.
The story is magical and easy for kids to understand. This is a book I will be reading over and over to my three beautiful grandchildren for years to come.
Thank you for such a lovely book to add to my collection.

My Rainforest Classroom
Yasmine O'Brien
Important message

Beautiful illustrations and many conversations to be had throughout the story. Great story promoting sustainability and appreciation for the natural world.

Even better than expected

What a gorgeous story. My 5yo grandson received this for his 5th birthday and immediately took to the story, as did his brother. It even prompted the wonderful qn: "What do butterflies dream about?" from the 5yo. The illustrations are just beautiful, and those together with the story easily hold my grandsons' attention from start to finish. A wonderful book.

Samson C. Turtle
Jodie Kelly

Loving the illustrations and the message in these books

Beautiful books

Loving the illustrations and the message in these books

Beautiful books

The msgs are fantastic and building a better world. The pictures are gorgeous ❤️

Lovely collection that will be cherished for many years to come

Beautiful artwork and touching stories. My kids love reading these and discovering new things in the illustrations each time. Stunning quality picture books as I've come to expect from Ethicool.

Simon and the Sad Salad
Sabourne Julie

The books are great bought them for my grandchildren

Just Like Me
Yasmine O'Brien
Beautiful thoughtful books

As a teacher I can use the concepts in the books as a springboard for deeper conversations and inquiry. Thank you Ethicool

Gorgeous Book Little Kids Will Love

My daughter loves this book. The dream like illustrations and conversation provoking story make this book a winner.

Lovely Book

Lovely book with beautiful illustrations. Lyrical text that has a great message.

Remembering Mother Nature

Mother nature

I love this story and the illustrations. A beautiful book

Just Like Me
Kerry Horvat
Just Like Me

Beautifully written, beautifully illustrated. A sweet story about acceptance. A story my grandson can grow up with and cherish.

Where is my Grandma?

A beautiful book that makes understanding death for little ones a whole lot easier. I will read it to my grandchildren who lost their grandpa ( perhaps another book) and to my Year 1 class.

Simon and the Sad Salad
Kaylene MacMillan

I love both the books I bought from you. The little boys I look after love them too. They get me to read them over and over again. Thank you
Kind Regards
Kaylene MacMillan

Beautiful story

Lovely story with a strong message relevant to our times but able for little ones to understand

Mother Nature

I so loved this beautifully written and illustrated book. I have read it to my grandson and he is now aware of the importance of looking after our planet. He made comments as a 5 year old when I was reading this story on how we can do the good things for all. I am enjoying purchasing books from this website as they have an underlying message and hopefully instill in the younger generation the importance of taking care not only of each other but also the land and sea and clean air that we enjoy so much.