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Just Like Me

A wonderfully moving story

Such a wonderful book and written in an incredibly sensitive way to tell the story of a real life issue that effects so many people and families.

Watermelon Pip - a MUST for little readers!

This is a BEAUTIFUL book in every sense of the term. The illustrations are gorgeous with lots of little details to discover and talk about (with a few that are really special - I love the big burley dad folding little undies … the hours that I’ve done that myself … lol!). The story is one that features a great twist and message. My little girls ask for this book at bedtime all the time … take their word for it: this is a great story!

Tom tears

Was great book with a lovely message, loved this.


A beautiful story about being kind


Watermelon Pip is a beautifully written story with such an important message and WOW - those illustrations! A worthy addition to any book shelf!

Watermelon Pip

My little Farm girl almost Miss 4 has loved this book. And has requested it over and over... Her mother has noted this is her current "go to everyday " book...and they found a watermelon growing in their garden....Mum has her own review...So many seed activities..and healthy food discussions have arisen and esp the Sharing for all...Love these Books...
RawEarth Enviro Education and best buddy to Miss Almost 4...


I bought it for my granddaughter and I have also recorded the story for her to listen to my voice while she turns the pages. I would like to be with her but she lives far away. I loved the story, I’m sure she will too.

April's window

Beautiful book appropriate for these times a gift for my daughter teaching in the UK

Another fantastic book!

An important issue addressed.

Beautifully illustrated book with such an important message

I loved this gorgeous book, not only is it beautifully illustrated but the message behind it is so important. I think it is such a great way to communicate the importance of doing our best to look after the world, for the sake of not only ourselves but the animals and their environment. Highly recommend a read!

Fantastic book and illustrations. My granddaughters loved it.

Awesome book.

So wonderful to use animals to get a very special message across. My Great grandchildren
Loved the story and wonderful pictures. Their ages are 7 and 9

Beautiful book.

My grand daughter loves this book and each time I go over there she wants me to read it to her. Beautiful pictures and story

Watermelon PIP

My boy loves the colours of the book and flipping through the pages . He loved PIP and was sad when she had no watermelon and happy when she had lots and was sharing

Samson C. Turtle

Beautiful and stunning illustrations, strong but beautiful and hopeful environmental message for younger children


We love Watermelon Pip! The story is so engaging and the illustrations are captivating . Highly recommended.

When Grandma was the moon

Amazing book, we love it!


Children love the story. Their eyes light up when they see the Watermelons! Very enticing and easy to extend. There is never enough Watermelon for my children.

My Rainforest Classroom

A stunning book, with beautiful bright illustrations! We learn how important it is to care for nature, the trees, the rivers and the animals around us. To be kind to our animal friends and look after our each other! An fun educational book about nature, filled with imagination and lots of kindness.

A gorgeous book which will appeal to all ages. A great lead in, too, to a child’s garden.

Beautifully written and illustrated, this book is a great spring board for an honest and open discussion.

Beautiful story.

I read this lovely book to my grandsons today - such a beautiful story 😢


The illustrations are beautiful and I love the quality of the book