Remembering Mother Nature


by Ethicool Kids' Books

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Remembering Mother Nature is our sellout title, striking right into the heart of what matters to our weary, little planet.


Kids, did you know that Mother Nature’s home - our Planet Earth - is over 4.5 BILLION years old? And she’s been looking after it since day one. That makes her pretty old! It’s only in the last 100 years, though, that she has really begun to feel tired. So, littlies, open your minds, your eyes and your imaginations, for you’re about to learn how to keep our dear Mother Nature awake for billions of years to come


Endearingly written by our very own Stuart French and captivatingly illustrated by Alvin MulyonoRemembering Mother Nature is the children's book title of the climate change age, encouraging compassionate kids to take action right across the globe.

The Story (Excerpt)

There was once an old lady called Mother Nature. She lived in the mountains and she swam in the streams, and she brewed all the colours that I saw in my dreams.

She was tall and wide, and had trees for her thighs, and she listened and listened to the skies and the tide. She could jump between mountains and turn waterfalls to fountains, and she could swim in the sea much deeper than me.

She could run faster than leopards and protect sheep like the shepherds, and yet she cried like the tide as the planet died at her side...

The Story (Overview)

Littlies will join our thoughtfully-crafted rendition of a weary but eager Mother Nature as she works to protect all that is special about our planet, and expose those who continue to cause it harm.

They'll be inspired, engaged, alarmed and impassioned, and ready to chat to all and sundry about how they'll love our Mother Nature and work to uphold everything she stands for. 

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arrived quick and the story is the greatest

Yes and YESSS!

Aghhh, we just LOVE this story. PLEASE write more. Seems a shame you only have one book with the Mother Nature character in it :( But for real, I can recommend this lovely story to anyone!!!!

Absolutely adored this :-O

So, so good - thank you. The rhyming, the illustrations, the lovely characters and the msg behind it all. I don't know why u guys are only selling a few books tho. Pls write more. M.