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Hi! We’re Ethicool. We create heartwarming children’s books about the world’s big issues - and then we inspire kids to take action. Our beautiful books cover everything from bullying and anxiety, through to climate change and ocean pollution.

Through gorgeous prose, stunning illustrations and memorable stories, our kids’ books help make storytime not only special, but meaningful. We want to inspire the next generation to read, learn, grow, and challenge the status quo.


Samson C. Turtle and the Deep Breath

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Turning bedtime stories into memorable moments

Is there anything more special than curling up with your little one at night and sharing the best children’s bedtime story books? Here at Ethicool, we know that when kids read, they lead. We want to turn the humble bedtime story into not only a cosy, memorable moment, but into an important lesson on how much potential each and every child has to make the world a better place.

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We’re a big believer in the idea that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Here, some nice people had nice things to say about us!


"Remembering Mother Nature is one of a handful of children’s books whose title will be remain famous for decades."

- Book Riot's review of the greatest children's books about nature

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A supporter of Our Good Brands.

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Inspiring the next generation

Created by two well-known Australian authors and passionate parents, Ethicool brings together the world’s best authors, illustrators and storytellers with one mission in mind: positive change.

After the horrific Australian bushfires in the summer of 2019 and 2020, Ethicool was born out of a desire to create an equal, climate-safe future for the next generation. As parents, grandparents or carers, we sometimes individually feel helpless to create change. But if we’re able to galvanise the next generation to do so through children’s story books that teach a moral lesson, then there’s no barrier to what we can all achieve.

But why should change start with children?

Children are intelligent and perceptive, far more than we give them credit for. No little one is born unequal; instead, society creates unequal opportunities for them. No baby is born with depression or anxiety, that instead becomes a product of their environment. No child is naturally racist, or a natural bully, or wants to litter our oceans or contribute to climate change; instead, society creates a world where all of these things are possible, and sometimes, encouraged.

Our little ones have the opportunity to create a different world, right from the ground up. The future is in their hands and if we give them the gift of knowledge and the inspiration to take action, they can create the world of their dreams.

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