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Teigan Margetts & Stuart French

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A message at the heart of our children's books

As idealistic as it sounds, think of a world where more parents engage their children in stories about climate change, about ocean waste, about the importance of gender equality, greed, and political corruption. And then think of the subsequent questions and conversations that can arise from these stories, galvanising their place in kids’ minds, serving as a sounding board for the decisions they make and the issues they choose to confront, as they grow through life’s undulations.

Ethicool exists to enable these conversations, to creatively join the playfulness of stories with the heavier thematic undertones of the world our kids are born into. We write and we publish with this duplicitous intention in every children's book in our library. We write with fluidity, with beauty, with poetry, with rhyme. And we write with a sense of boundless adventure.


The day we went to Away


Why Ethicool & why now?

 After the horrific Australian bushfires of 2019, we, as parents of two preschoolers, stood back and thought, "This is not the future we want for our children". 

We were terrified, and at the same time, we felt utterly powerless to help. But then, as we looked into our kids' eyes, we realised that, as parents, we have the greatest power of all. We have the power to give our children the gift of understanding the world's issues. It was just a matter of gently weaving all of this into picture books we knew kids would love.

And so, Ethicool was born. A children's book publisher unlike any other, and an ongoing source of inspiration for gorgeous little readers the world over.

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Our achingly beautiful bestseller, Remembering Mother Nature

Save the world with Mother Nature

Remembering Mother Nature

The heartwarming tale of Simon and the Sad Salad

Let equality reign the world over

Simon and the Sad Salad

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