General Information

Here is a collection of FAQs - if you need to know more, though, you can always just drop us a line right here.

Where are your books made?

Ethicool books are written and designed in Australia, with sustainable printing taking place in Australia, China and the USA.

Who authors your books?

Our books are written by Ethicool's founders, Stu French & Teigan Margetts. We also occasionally collaborate with other authors.

Do you accept submissions for publishing?

We certainly do. Please contact us if you'd like to be considered.

Who illustrates your books?

Our books are illustrated by a number of different freelance designers, based all over the world. We are big advocates of the freelance design community.

What size are your books?

Our books are A4 landscape in size:

210 x 297 mm 8.3 x 11.7 in

Are your books hard or soft cover?

Our books are soft cover. We do also accept special requests for hard cover printing, so please contact us if you'd to know more.

How often do you write new books?

On average, we aim to release a new title every three months.

Are your books produced in the most environmentally-friendly way?

Yes, absolutely. We do our utmost to prevent against paper wastage and the unnecessary use of inks and dyes.

Why don't you release your books digitally - surely this is better for the environment?

Well, kind of. There is a lot of research supporting the cause for getting kids away from screens... not encouraging them to use them even more. Today, books are one of the few tangible experiences that still have a major place in children's development (so many others have been replaced by technology!), so we're keen for this trend to last for generations to come. 

In saying this, we will soon release our titles digitally as well - then we're ultimately leaving the choice of medium up to parents. Perhaps a mix of both might be the best option?

One thing's for sure, our "physical" picture books aren't going anywhere for a while, and we'll continue to do our best to produce them sustainably.

Shipping & Returns

Do you ship worldwide?

Yep, we sure do. Global shipping costs are calculated in the checkout.

What shipping service do you use?

Our orders are dispatched via Australia Post. 

How long will my order take to arrive?

Orders within Australia will arrive within 2-3 business days.

International orders typically arrive within 10-14 business days, subject to Customs approvals.

Can I return a book if my child doesn't like it?

Yes, we accept returns within 7 days. Our full returns policy can be read here.

Fun Facts

Why was Ethicool created?

Our founders, Teigan & Stu (who, by the way, are also absolute book nerds), had kids of their own, whom they adored reading picture books to. Quickly, though, Teigan & Stu realised there was a significant cultural and thematic gap in kids' literature... almost every book they purchased didn't really deal with the issues that would affect their children's lives. Sure, there were some great reads, but there was always something missing. When their eldest child was nearly three - and equipped with 20 years' professional writing experience between them - it was time to do something about it. And, so, Ethicool was born.

How is each book's theme chosen?

Every story is triggered by topical or timely events in the "adult" world, and the desire to make these themes digestible for littlies! If there's a debate in the public or political arena about a social or environmental issue, there's a good chance we'll release a book exploring it soon after.