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Ethicool was co-founded by Stuart French and Teigan Margetts, a husband and wife team based in Melbourne, Australia, and the names behind Ethicool Books' first titles. Teigan and Stu are prolific writers, passionate parents, and proud advocates of progressive children's books. 

Stuart French

Stuart French, Children's Book Author

Born into the cantilevered land of Tasmania, Stu’s appreciation for nature was reinforced by his proximity to the island landscape’s profound natural wonders, just as it was engrained by the family in which he was raised. Now a loving father, Stu's emergent passion is for building a generation of environmentally-aware leaders, through books, words, travel, and wide-open spaces.

In Stu's own words: exquisitely written kids’ books are prevalent – and I have regularly thrived upon reading them to my own children. But kids’ books that serve to educate on the issues that matter to the children of this millennium are truly few and far between. Even rarer, though, are books that strike willfully into these topics and manage to do so without losing the glitter and finesse that keeps kids engaged in the joyful process of reading. These books, these books that balance endearing and gorgeous words with thematic weight, presence and urgency, are the books that Ethicool has allowed us to realise.

Personally, I am deeply excited by this venture, and buoyed by the opportunity to drive change through the art that has been my ultimate form of catharsis for some two decades.   

Welcome to Ethicool. I know you will find hours of joy reading our books to your children, just as they themselves will drive decades of lasting change upon grasping the gravity of the themes we are exploring, and pursuing them with passion as they grow, both literally and metaphorically, into the world.

We have years of books ahead of us at Ethicool, and 2020 is merely a humble beginning, of which we are confident the parents of the world will embrace. Share us, read us, talk about us, challenge us - give us your feedback, be it good or bad.

We are listeners, and we're most certainly listening.


Stuart French was born in Hobart, Tasmania in 1985 and holds an Honours degree in Creative Writing from the University of Tasmania. French has published five children's books, including the critically-acclaimed, Remembering Mother Nature. 


Teigan Margetts

Teigan Margetts, Children's Book Author

Journalist, nature lover, traveller, ballerina, yogi, wife, and mum to two of the world’s most adorable little boys. I’m passionate about equality and sustainability, but I’m also scared. What will my boys’ future look like? I want them to live in a world where everyone has an equal chance to succeed. I want them to live in a world that isn’t dying.

Says Teigan: An avid reader and a perpetual "quiet achiever", my favourite activity has always been to have my nose in a good book. Reading has sparked my curiosity, taught me to push boundaries, and ultimately, taught me to question the status quo. If you think something’s not right, do something about it, says the collective narrator in every children's (and now adults') book I’ve ever read.

My passion for equality and sustainability were ignited when I lived in Sweden for two years. That experience made me cast a critical eye over much of the world: are men and women really equal? Are they? Are we really doing enough to protect the environment? Are we? I felt unsure, but carried on anyway.

As any parent will know, having kids changes everything. Suddenly, I went from feeling uncertain, to feeling scared. Is a world where we’re all beholden to the climate crisis, where more than half the world lives on less than $2 a day, and where one woman a week is killed due to intimate partner violence really the future I want for my kids?

I felt powerless, until I realised I wasn’t. Stories were how I’d always learnt everything, so I wanted to give that gift to my children, and children everywhere. The future was suddenly a script, and if I could help some kids write a better one, then we’d all be better off.

I hope Ethicool books helps our precious little superheros do just that.


Teigan Margetts was born in Melbourne in 1984 and holds a Masters degree in People and Change from Sweden's Lund University. Margetts has published three children's books, alongside an extensive publishing career as a journalist and copywriter.



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