Launching your career as a children's book illustrator

by Teigan Margetts on - 1 Comment

Ethicool co-founder, Teigan Margetts sits down with the company's newest children's book illustrator, the wildly cool, Madison Pollard!

A quiet chat with Stuart French

by Romane de Beer on

Ethicool's Editor, Romane de Beer, sits down with Stuart French for a candid heart-to-heart.

How to get published as a first-time author

by Teigan Margetts on - 2 Comments

Everyone knows that publishing your first book feels almost impossible for so many authors. The redrafts, the rejections, the frustration... It can all feel rather overwhelming. Well, here's a...

Five things kids can do about climate change

by Teigan Margetts on

You’ve probably heard about climate change and you’re no doubt worried for the future of our planet. You’ve also probably heard that to make real change, you might...

Should children's books rhyme?

by Stuart French on

We should consider rhyme in children’s books to be like the conductor in an orchestra: it sets the tone and the tempo of the language; but the band...

How to become a children's book illustrator

by Stuart French on - 5 Comments

Okay, so who wouldn't want to illustrate children's picture books for a living? Exactly! We receive more and more illustrators' submissions every day, so this summary guide should...

Printing for the planet

by Teigan Margetts on

An overview of our research into sustainable printing methods and the background behind our decision to use soy-based inks. Our books our crafted with absolute sustainability at front...

How to get your children's book published

by Stuart French on - 6 Comments

… And how do I write a GREAT one?

Why Ethicool, why now?

by Teigan Margetts on

Why Ethicool, why now? Learn the story behind the heartwarming stories that will change the world.

Icelandic magic

by Teigan Margetts on

Planet earth is endlessly inspiring and inimitable, with its shapes, colours and contours, and ever-changing moods. No country evokes the preciousness of the world's landscapes quite like Iceland....